roots of practice

It’s no secret that we’ve been working very diligently to change the perception of Jiu-Jitsu for the practitioner. We’re beginning at home, as it should be, with all the students in our schools. The goal is for practitioners to see themselves not just as Jiu-Jitsu athletes playing a sport, but as participants in the physical, … [Read more…]

finding your breaking point

It is really important that we find our threshold. As a human being, where is it that we want to quit? What’s our breaking point? As a twelve year old, I went to a camp for poor inner city kids. It’s was a free camp and I was away the whole summer. While I was there, we went … [Read more…]

quitting jiu-jitsu

Many people leave their training for many different reasons – they were embarrassed rather than mentored, they got edged out by an antagonistic environment, they’re matched with a teacher who cares more about what they can do for him than what he can do for them.  To quit something that’s good for you, like Jiu-Jitsu … [Read more…]

being late to class

The other day I was going to judo and I got stuck in traffic. I was twenty minutes late and inside I was appalled – there is no worse feeling than being late to class. One part of me would rather go to the movies than walk into the dojo late but the other part … [Read more…]