A memorable life (part one)

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Living a memorable life means living a life worth remembering.

In the classroom we discussed a Bruce Lee quote that I paraphrased like this: if you want to have a memorable life, if you want people to remember you, you have to live a life worth remembering. 

That notion leads us into the new year, where traditionally people set goals and re-evaluate their habits. Over the upcoming weeks, we should agree to take good look at all of the things we like to do as effective martial arts practitioners.

Now if you’re playing along – if you’re being a good student, a serious participant in this method we’re working on – then you will take some time to review, set new goals, put forth new ideas to develop so that you can actually realize Bruce Lee’s point about living a memorable life.

The caveat is that the effort towards a “memorable life” doesn’t necessarily need to be a bold expression in order to be effective and worthwhile. We’re not talking about bluster and bombast, or going out with a bang.

It just needs to be your authentic expression, delivered with meaning at its fullest capacity. 

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