Burning Out

“Sustainability” is a word that we use to describe optimal martial arts practice.  It has to do both with the external environment that we’re a part as well as the internal terrain that we navigate for ourselves. And a lot of this internal work has to do with the stories that we tell ourselves.  There’s … [Read more…]

Correcting the Senior

There is a power that comes with staying mentally engaged in what we’re doing. In the dojo, when the class works together in this frame of mind, the distance we can go together is really something. When we stay present it gives us much more sensitivity moment by moment. This is critical because life typically … [Read more…]


In the classroom, we encourage all students to embrace the notion of maximum output. It’s the only real way to derive maximum benefit from the lessons. But a word of warning: don’t make the mistake of thinking that maximum output must always be physical output. It could be output of focus, of attention, of respect. … [Read more…]

New: BBJJ X Dojoprints T-Shirt!

One of our favorite maxims, now hand-printed by martial artists at the print dojo in Brooklyn, NY on an ultra soft unisex Tee. The folks at DojoPrints will do their best to get these out as quickly as possible, but please allow for up to 7 business days to ship (depending on the intensity of randori that … [Read more…]

The Language of Gratitude

My teacher will often put before me very strong challenges, questions or statements which address my own weakest areas. When this happens, I don’t oppose those messages but try very diligently to work them out for myself, to find we how those points apply for my life. That’s why I have a teacher. So during … [Read more…]

New Podcast: Episode 21

“YOUR PARTNER BECOMES A MIRROR” When we find ourselves in a place of great physical and emotional weakness, with our backs against the wall, can our training actually revive us? Our guest this week argues that it can…and it has. This episode delves deeply into a personal story of addiction and recovery, and how the … [Read more…]